Industrial Machinery

Double the material, half the time

Adaptability is paramount when it comes to designing machinery for industrial applications. Designers usually fabricate a number of different sized prototypes, using a variety of materials with different physical properties to evaluate the performance.

Stratasys 3D printers offers versatile digital materials that are able to 3D print a wide array of scopes and sizes with differing physical properties for precise functional testings. The materials’ watertight and airtight properties, together with the capability of 3D printing double materials at the same time, allow for various applications to be applied in this segment. A range of shore values  are available for impact resistance, shock absorption, gaskets, plugs and seals applications, as well as over-molding. With Stratasys PolyJet Matrix technology innovation, it is now possible to join multiple parts of different materials and assemble rigid parts with ergonomic soft-touch elements.