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Every designer, problem solver and engineer deserve the “perfect tool” to build a brighter future. 3D printing fills boundless imaginations when students get to test, hold and see their ideas coming to life.

Introducing 3D printing into classroom settings provides a good learning exposure for students and perhaps, may come in handy in their future profession. For researchers, Stratasys 3D Printing breaks barriers with unmatched material competencies, incorporating impressive detail, accuracy and sturdiness.


Videos on 3D Printing in Education

Video courtesy of Amit Zoran, MIT Media Lab



UVA students build and test 3D printed unmanned aircraft
The future of higher education: reshaping universities through 3D printing


Case Studies

FDM TechnologyPolyJet Technology
Cornell University
North Carolina State University
West Virginia University Institute of Technology
Nanyang Technological University
Budapest University of Technology