Dental 3D Printers – Creating Better Prosthetics

At the Heart of Digital Design

Increase your flexibility as a care provider. Digital dentistry is the next evolution for a growing number of dental lab owners. Through the incorporation of CAD/CAM automation processes into their business models, dental labs reduce time spent on individual orders and while simultaneously cutting labour costs and improving the overall precision and quality of the dental parts they manufacture.

Digital Dentistry – The Next Evolution

Dental 3D printers are at the heart of the new era in digital design. A combination of oral scanning, 3D printing and a CAD/CAM design process enables forward-thinking dental labs the ability to rapidly and accurately produce stone models, bridges, crowns and a variety of orthodontic appliances.

This technology’s usefulness in maxillofacial and orthodontic procedures has already been proven, with medical professionals around the world utilising 3D printed products in complex reconstructions and replacements. Facial reconstructions and jawbone replacements have both been conducted with partially 3D printed components.

Save time and enhance treatment precision with 3D printers

When industrial 3D printers do the hard work, dental labs no longer have to content with the bottlenecking resulting from manual modelling, enabling the business to take on new clients and expand and develop.

The process can also reduce the burden on the patient. Repeated visits to a dentist to take a mold, implant a temporary crown, then implant the permanent crown are painful, expensive and time-consuming. Digital scanning is fast and contactless, meaning less pain on a sensitive area of the patient’s mouth, and the CAD/CAM and 3D printing processes are fast enough that the entire process can potentially be completed in a single visit.

Videos on 3D Printing in Dental Sciences



T32 Dental Centre

Dental labs around the world use Stratasys 3D printing solutions to:

  • Stone models can be fabricated accurately from orally scanned digital files
  • Integrate 3D dental scanners and a range of dental design software
  • Produce veneer prototypes exactly like the actual product to enable patients to try and test their veneers before making an order
  • Produce delivery trays to allow dentists to align and insert real veneers more accurately
  • Choose software of your choice to deliver surgical guide and orthodontic appliances directly
  • Produce series of clear aligners and retainers quickly and precisely from digital files

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