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Get your thoughts off the ground. Stratasys patented Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) engineering helps aviation manufacturers to enhance innovation quickly, test more thoroughly and boost assets.

Aviation design specialists rely on Stratasys FDM Technology for prototyping, tooling and part fabricating. FDM technology works with high-performance thermoplastics, one of which is ULTEM 9085, to build jigs, installations, check gauges and end-use flying machine parts. Stratasys additionally offers PolyJet 3D printing for precision prototyping that incorporates rigid, elastic-like and clear materials.

In the aerospace industry, the ability to rapidly prototype is highly valuable. Traditional manufacturing is extremely expensive in a business where products require repeated rounds of R&D before being ready for production. That’s where 3D printing can become an asset to your business. It’s ability to quickly reproduce similar parts while allowing small adjustments can save some companies millions through the design and manufacturing process.

Decrease downtime with aerospace 3D printing

3D printing is not just for prototyping. The air forces of several countries are currently utilising or are considering utilising the process for the manufacturing of replacement parts for aircraft. 3D printing’s flexibility and the diverse range of materials that can be used mean that it is an attractive option for situations where parts need to be manufactured quickly in remote areas where flying in replacements would be costly or time-consuming. Speak to Creatz3D today about our range of services and see where we can take your company.

Videos on 3D Printing in Aerospace

NASA’s Next Rover Has 3D Printed Parts


NASA engineers utilizing 3D printing to build the next generation rover to support humans exploring different planets, for example space rocks and eventually to Mars.

Full-Scale Turbo-Prop Engine Model

Stratasys and Autodesk manufacture the first 3D printed full scale turbo-prop airplane motor model.


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